SBIRT Reimbursement - Select your state

The ability to bill for SBIRT varies from state to state. This digital tool is designed to help you determine whether billing codes are listed on a state‚Äôs fee schedule, and, if listed, whether or not they are open for reimbursement (i.e. a billing amount has been assigned to the codes). Click on the state to see the information. 

This information is gathered from state Medicaid or other state health department websites on a rolling basis, with the goal of reviewing all state fee schedules at least once annually. Because we do not directly survey state Medicaid agencies or agents, data underlying the map should not be considered a primary data source. If more detailed information is desired, users are advised to directly contact the relevant state Medicaid agency for more information on a particular state.

As a companion to this map, consider using the state-by-state billing and financial worksheets developed by the Center for Integrated Health Services.

The Institute for Research, Education and Training in Addictions (IRETA) administers the National SBIRT ATTC, a federally funded program. 

Special thanks to Rita Adkins, MPA, Joseph G. Grailer, MFA , Mandy R. Lay, BA, and Barbara E. Keehn, BSN, RN from the Missouri Institute of Mental Health for the development of this information.


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