SBIRT Reimbursement State Info: TN


Year or FY Effective: 2017
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SBI Codes

There are no SBI codes on the fee schedule for this state.

Health and Behavior Assessment/Intervention (HBAI) Codes

HBAI 96151: $ Amount (non-averaged)
HBAI 96152: $ Amount (non-averaged)
HBAI 96153: $ Amount (non-averaged)
HBAI 96154: $ Amount (non-averaged)

NOTES: TennCare services are offered through managed care entities. Medical and behavioral services are covered by "at-risk" Managed Care Organizations in each region of the state, and each participating MCO creates their own contracts with providers, maintains their own fee schedules, and has their own in-network specialists and providers.
Last Updated: Thursday, June 1, 2017